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Ranger Safaris' Lucury CampingThe way the bush was meant to be seen!

Our semi-permanent luxury camp in Serengeti is an exceptional way spend time viewing wildlife and following the wildebeest migration.  Your shared camp is in the heart of the action.  If you want something more exclusive, we also offer private mobile camping.  Here, each camp is set to your specific needs.  Either way, you have great personalised service and an experience that will certainly be a high point of your safari.  Click HERE for more details.

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It stared with just a handful of wildebeest.  Just a couple of gnus.  They found grass was tastiest if they followed the rains, so they began a cycle of movement between Kenya's Masai Mara and Tanzania's Serengeti National Park.  As the years passed, more gnus were born and the group got larger.  Zebras joined in - protection in the masses.  Hundreds became thousands.  Thousands became tens of thousands and now we have more than a million and a half wildebeest travelling on an endless cycle in East Africa.

Let us help you with your migration arrangements.

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Selous & Ruaha - A Wild Combination

For something really off the beaten path, there is no beating a safari in Southern Tanzania's Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park.  With settings of incredible African bush, here the wildlife far out number safari vehicles and hospitality is second to none.  Select one of our set  safari programmes or let us tailor a bepoke safari experience including these truly magical parks.

Rufiji River Camp in Selous Game Reserve

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Grumeti Reserves is now offering a special offer that is too good to be missed.  Stay three nights in any combination of Sasakwa Lodge, Faru Faru Lodge or Sabora Plains Camp and you receive 50% off the third night (at Faru Faru or Sabora).  Also, at a special introductory rate, Singita Explore, the new top luxury mobile tented camp provides a new dimension to exploring Grumeti Reserves.  During the next few months, it is the perfect time to visit and catch the migration as it travels to Kenya.  Subject to availability.